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Managed Print Services
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IT Services
McCleary Business Machines Inc. can implement a solution that can control cost, security, and environment.  
We start with an assessment of the current state of your printer fleet.  This information is then used to manage volumes, locations, utilizations, cost and environmental concerns.

     McCleary Business Machines will look at five key areas
     *  Understand Volumes
     *  Improve workflow
     *  Transform device output
     *  Regulate
     *  Optimize

McCleary Business Machines Inc. will customize a solution for your business and manage your fleet of printers

At McCleary Business Machines Inc., we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. 
Manage IT Services for servers and workstations.
     *  Real - Time Remote Monitoring
     *  Anti - Virus
     *  Anti - Malware
     *  Automated software updates
     *  Proactive and Remote automated remediation

Managed Service Operation Center
     Provides 24/7 Helpdesk

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